Elegant Empowerement

Let me Empower you and your friends on a fun soul connecting journey

I am available to bring a cacao ceremony to you and your friends! It is a unique, fun, soul connecting and nourishing experience and is made all the better for sharing it with your besties. I create a magical sacred space, using fairy lights, crystals, candles, cushions, special playlists and oracle cards. So you can kick back relax and soak in the ambience. Please contact me for more information

Hello I’m Georgie

I am Cornish by origin and married a wonderful Cornishman. We have created our life here in rural Auckland, with our two amazing school aged children, cats, chickens, goats and sheep! Family life is a top priority for us while having a company each, things can get pretty hectic. But flexibility and humour gets us through!

What I Offer

A Sentaura Healing

This is a hands on healing session or online zoom. We will chat beforehand to answer any questions you have or concerns that you would like to address either physically, emotionally or spiritually. You will then comfortably lie face up on the massage table for between 30-50 mins. I am intuitively lead to where I need to place my finger tips and what comes through for clearing. I will speak to what is coming up and possibly speak or sing light language. It is an incredibly relaxing session. One of the main feedbacks I receive is that you feel a lot lighter with more clarity afterwards. It is  the high frequency of golden creator unconditional love energy that clears, releases, realigns, educates, unravels, recodes, gifts and connects you within your body, mind and soul levels.

A Crystal Healing

This is a very relaxing and rejuvenating session. You lie face up on the massage table with an eye pillow on listening to relaxing music. I place crystals on your chakra points and use my crystal wands to unblock, clear, re-energise and align your energy centers. Leaving you feeling refreshed and revitalized.

Card Reading with Cacao

A beautiful sacred session that merges the sacred medicine that is cacao with wisdom, guidance and intuition that is for your greatest good. Helping you to navigate your life journey.  I have over 35 oracle decks for you to choose from to hear the messages from your heart, soul and guides.


Carly. Writer and Funeral Director of Eco Holistic Funerals.

I have come to see Georgie on multiple occasions for a ‘Spiritual Healing and cleansing ’ and have been blessed to have been gifted with her magic during her Cacao Circles often.

Georgies energy is truly magnetic and so calming, she’s always so welcoming and time with her is just so beautiful and enriching. She converse well and explains things clearly. Very insightful, uplifting and compassionate.

Georgie helps realign my charkra’s and soothe and restore my energy. She welcomes me to share about my life and the reason I felt the need to visit her for a healing, so she can provide extra healing in the areas which are required. She offers gentle constructed advice surrounded with love and understanding. Georgie empowers vulnerability through holding space for me.
I truly feel held, seen and heard! And always leaving lighter , lifted and more balanced!

Georgies Cacoa circles are just magical. I adore her passion and love for everyone and desire to leave everyone feeling deeply empowered. I absolutely love being guided through a meditation with her and the places she can take me. Alongside the breath work she creates an evening that is so inspiring.

A definite must for anyone seeking deep inner healing and guidance.

A beautiful soul whom I’m lucky to know and love.

Hana. Ceremonial Cacao Facilitator.

✨I have had the honour to walk alongside Georgie for past three years. Over that time she has become my dear friend, guide, amazing heart-centred teacher without expecting me to be her student, and my mentor.   ✨Her gentle but very confident guidance allowed me to feel and see deeper within myself, my own depth and my gifts, embodying more of my Soul.   ✨My personal life has expanded into much more Light and ease, coming from heart with grace and gratitude, feeling it  in my whole body which led to ripple effect to my community as Georgie encouraged and supported me in claiming my gifts and strength as a facilitator of Cacao Circles spreading Light and healing further around me. ✨ Georgie has a massive Heart, just her Presence heals, I always feel Peace and joy while talking to her, complete freedom to be who I am enjoying our time together.

Natali. Spiritual Mentor, healer, cosmic activator and Founder of Sentaura

I’m so happy Georgie is finally expanding her work in this world. I’ve co-facilitated several circles and retreats with Georgie and attended some of her cacao and breathwork circles. She is the most generous, gentle, loving and supportive human being I have ever met. Georgie holds space with such unconditional love for you and all that is. Her cacao journeys and breathwork sessions are incredibly powerful and takes you into a space of deep transformation, bliss and peace. The love I have for this beautiful, gentle soul sister is beyond words. I’m so grateful this world gets to experience your magic my love.

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