Hi There beautiful Soul 

Im Georgie

I am a creative conscious heart leader and the owner of Elegant Empowerment.

My gifts are within but not confined to energy healing, teaching, mentoring, facilitating, space holding, card reading and intuitive creating.

I have the pleasure in offering 1:1 healing sessions, holding circles, workshops, courses, retreats and ceremonies, personalised card readings and bespoke handmade crystal bracelets. I have my own beautiful healing room: Soul Sanctuary here in Waitoki, that I also hold workshops and circles in.

About Me

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I am a…

Sentaura Cosmic Alchemist of Light

PractitionerCertified Crystal Healer

Ascension Reiki Master

Cacao Mama Masters Facilitator

Soma Breathwork Facilitator

Sacred Architect of Light

Bespoke Crystal Bracelet designer

DoTERRA Advocate

Seleno Health Affiliate

Writer soon to be Author.

 I am a juggler of many roles as most of us are and my business is very organic and evolves constantly as do I! My passion lies in teaching, healing, supporting and empowering women and girls to realise their full potential, power, creativity, joy and magic that they truly hold inside and why they are here! My top values are unconditional love, integrity and truth. I hold these in my heart and always apply them with all my work and intentions, with the highest frequencies of pure love and light and only for the greatest and highest good of the individual, myself and the conscious collective.

I support and guide souls back to their center, connecting them back into their heart and so with their soul essence. Coming back to a remembrance of who they truly are underneath all of the many layers that lie on top. Together we heal and dissolve any old layers, limiting beliefs, patterns, energy that no longer is serving you and bring to the surface any understanding and acknowledgment that is beneficial. I work on the physical, energetic and spiritual body as a whole.

I hold an extensive amount of wisdom within my bones that I can now access after doing so much work in peeling my layers away. A lot of my teachings evolve from my own transformational experiences. It is my belief that each of our experiences are here to teach us something, to help us to grow in some way, it is just a case of understanding what that is. We have inherited, learnt, been conditioned and mislead in many untruths and I am here to help you navigate these, so you can step back into your divine sovereignty. You are not broken and never have been! You are walking your own personal journey that is unique and divine in every way.

If your heart has a calling to work with me I so look forward to it! I do what I love and I love what I do! If not, may you find your tribe that resonates deeply with your heart and be blessed in all that you do.

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